Research Lab

Welcome! My lab’s name is: The CRYSTALLISED CompEd Research Lab (CCRL).

The term “Crystallised” means: having made or become definite or clear.

My lab’s work is intended to make clearer the ways in which we can create a world where computing is more accessible, engaging, and relevant to all humans. We achieve this through a blend of design process, user experience methodology, and cognitive and learning sciences. We target the educational process and pedagogical design in our work.

Crystallised was chosen as the lab name not only due to our work’s mission of developing clarity. It is also an acronym that encompasses several of our goals:

Computing Research Yielding: Scalable Teaching, Accessible Learning, Lasting Innovations, Supporting Ethics & Diversity


To be the leading computing education research center that promotes groundbreaking, multifaceted, and interdisciplinary approaches to educational design and explores the experience of learning with and about the computer through a myriad of perspectives. 


  • To understand and design computing educational environments in a way that is engaging, authentic, relevant, and valuable to students so that they become curious technologists and eager lifelong learners. 
  • To encourage ethical and conscientious future technologists to become leaders in the fourth industrial revolution by creating environments and curricula during their educational journey that broaden their consideration of diverse perspectives and promote their creation of a future that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive of all through the development of technology that reflects these goals. 


  • Leading research in analogy use across analogical forms for computing education
  • Innovative blend of experience design practices within educational research contexts
  • Promoting ethical and conscientious design of pedagogical environments and curricula
  • Continued iteration toward greater success in educational outcomes and retention
  • Multidisciplinary explorations which yield findings and outcomes that extend beyond departmental silos


  • Connection and Relationships. 
    • We are committed to creating lasting connections: between researchers, between learners, between computing, and between visions for a better tomorrow. 
  • Creativity and Innovation. 
    • We approach educational experience problems with fresh perspectives and novel ideas. We will not be tied down by one approach, method, or way of thinking. We will welcome and encourage interdisciplinary approaches and ideas in order to find new and creative methods and solutions.
  • Advocacy and Responsibility. 
    • We will develop solutions responsibly with consideration for the communities and individuals they affect. We will advocate for designs that promote the equity and inclusion of all individuals. 
  • Adaptability and Honesty.
    • We will approach all projects with integrity and honesty, recognizing what works and what doesn’t. We will work to iterate on shortcomings and develop methods that allow us to iterate toward success, while being transparent about obstacles and lessons along the way. 
  • Genuine and Passionate.
    • We are excited about what we do and truly believe in our research and vision. We take personal, genuine pride in our projects. We are motivated by work that fuels our passion and methods that feel genuine for our context and goals, and this authenticity leads us to having unique innovations and empowered, dedicated researchers.